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Batik Fabric Designs

Art Start December 2013

Art Start students made these beautiful batik (buh-TEEK) fabric designs using gel glue and acrylic paint on handkerchiefs.  First a design was drawn with the blue gel glue (see Allie at right). For this project, students could choose whichever subject matter they wanted. 



The following week, after the glue lines dried, color was added with acrylic paint (left).  Next the fabric was washed on hot in the washing machine, causing the gel glue to dissolve and revealing the white fabric lines underneath. Because the paint is acrylic, it stays put.






The finished batik designs can hang on a wall (or in a window like you see displayed in the studio on the right). They can also be used as cloth napkins, place mats, or made into pillows. Scroll down to see them all.