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Clay Busts

Art Start March 2015

Art Start students tackled the very challenging task of making 3-D clay busts like I did in my college ceramics class many years ago. (The life-sized self portrait sculpture I made is on the right.) 

My students started the same way I did years ago, by rolling clay coils and gradually building up from the bottom. We used air dry clay and connected the pieces using slip. They kept adding coils to build shoulders, a neck, a head and finally the details of the face and hair. The artists had the choice of making a self-portrait or a portrait of whomever they wanted, including fantasy characters. The sculptures were allowed to air dry and harden, then they were painted with tempera and coated with mod podge for protection and shine. They did a beautiful job, don't you think? Click on each photo to see the name and age of the artist.